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Great value computer repairs, upgrades and tuition for home and small business users in Bideford, Barnstaple, Torrington, Northam, Westward Ho!, Appledore, Hartland, Woolsery and everywhere in-between


Tarka Computer Care is a small family run business owned and operated by Paul and based in Northam, Bideford. We provide computer repair services for home, home office and small business users. We cover Northam, Bideford, Westward Ho!, Appledore, Barnstaple, Torrington, Hartland, Woolsery and most places in-between and specialise in diagnosing, repairing, configuring and troubleshooting Windows laptops, Windows PC's & home/small office networks - 6 days per week - 9am to 6.30pm (excluding Sundays & the occasional high days and holidays).


Put simply - we offer......................

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Quality Local PC and Computer Shop for Barnstaple Bideford Torrington Woolsery Hartland

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No Hefty Call-out Charges

Whatever platform you are running we will try to assist but please be aware that we specialise in the repair of Windows desktops and laptops  - we don't do a lot of work on Apple Mac's and so only have limited experience of them. We also don't repair phone/tablet screens/power jacks (but do offer tuition and training on using them and help in configuring them properly)


We go out of our way to give you the best quality service possible at the lowest possible price. We are friendly and approachable and always try to go the extra mile to make our customers happy. You may well find the odd person locally offering lower hourly rates but the overall cost will often be be higher as they often take longer to get the job done. Most other repair services will also not carry out all of the little extra's such as installing the best free software options tailored for your own circumstances and all of the latest updates and patches for your system. Please see the testimonials page to read some of the comments left by customers. We are also quick - often being able to complete repairs in a day or two (or even the same day in some circumstances).


We have a "No-Fix No-Fee" policy in place for workshop repairs and there are also no hefty call-out charges for home visits in the local area (20 mile round trip). By keeping our overheads to a minimum we keep our prices as low as possible. Please see the pricing page for more details.


Below are a few examples of the type of work undertaken - why not call to discuss your specific requirements.


Repairs & Upgrades

Computer repairs north devon

We can fix most hardware faults and software issues and give you back a computer that performs at its best. We specialise in both Windows laptop and desktop issues (e.g. slow running, overheating, blank or cracked screens, erratic graphics, etc.).

We look at the computer and its performance as a whole to advise on repairs, tweaks and upgrades to prolong its life and make it perform just like a more modern machine.

Virus Removal

bideford computer tune-up

A virus or malware infection can be tricky to remove. You can often cause more problems than you had at the start if you are not experienced and very careful.

If you think you have a virus then stop using your machine, turn it off and give us a call as you may already have been exposed to fraudulent activity.

We will work hard to get rid of all the viruses and junk and also review your antivirus and install a reliable and free alternative if the one you have is not up to the job.

Tune-up / Spring Clean

Let us help you with Windows 10

Over time all computers start to slow down. Bloatware, spyware, fragmented drives, corrupt registry entries, 3rd party toolbars and plug-in's all get installed unintentionally and contribute to this. We can perform a comprehensive tune-up & clean-up to remove the junk software and optimise your system. We will also apply all of the latest updates to Windows and other critical system components like Java and Adobe Flash Player to make sure you're up to date and less vulnerable.

 Email Troubleshooting

PC Repairs Bideford

Getting email working right can be a pain! Customers are often at a loss as to why a simple concept like email can be so complex. 

We have years of experience of email systems including Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail and most of the broadband providers own systems as well as all of the protocols and pitfalls.  We will be able to get things back on track for you and even suggest some improvements going forward. 

Windows 10

tech support bideford

Did you know that Microsoft release what it calls "Feature Updates" once or twice per year for Windows 10? It is a really good idea to have the latest one installed before you start using your shiny new machine as it will be out of date from the get-go.

We can install this for you to make your first weeks with Windows 10 as painless as possible. It will also avoid the need for a 4-5Gb download and hours of updating and frustration before you even start.


Wifi / Broadband

PC repairs North Devon

If you are having problems with your wired network, wireless (WiFi) or broadband speeds then we can help diagnose, set-up and tweak your home network.

We can also conduct a site survey and possibly help extend your network and wireless coverage for those hard to reach areas without the need to install expensive and ugly cables.

If you want to move providers then we can also sit with you to help you select a deal that is right for you.

Backup & Restore

Laptop screen repair

We have a lot of experience in computer backup and recovery and can help you setup a simple backup to protect your precious files (using free software) or a more advanced solution with automatic versioning and system images.

If you would like to store your backups or files offsite (in the cloud) we can set you up a new account or help troubleshoot an existing one.


Tablets & Phones

laptop screen replacement north devon

We have a lot of experience in setting up Android and Apple phones and tablets to work with email etc.  We are always happy to assist where possible and can even help you set-up your music or online shopping apps to make life that bit easier. We can also give you some tuition on how to get the most from your tablet or phone.

Please note that we do not repair the hardware on phones or tablets (screens, power jacks, etc.).



Windows XP & Vista

laptop screen replacement north devon

XP and Vista support from Microsoft has now ended. This means that your computer will become increasingly vulnerable to attack by hackers and virus writers as securtiy updates are no longer provided. It really is time to look at moving to a more modern operating system however if you want to keep using XP or Vista then we still work on them and will help sort problems out and get you back up and running quickly. Will will also try to make you as safe as possible.



Data Recovery

Laptop screen repair

We can often recover corrupted or deleted data from a hard drive or memory stick (pictures, documents, email).

If you have lost data it is essential not to install any other software or in any way use the computer or external drive/memory stick. In this way you maximise the chances of data recovery. Stop using it now and call for assistance.


Printers & Peripherals

printer setup bideford

Getting your printer/scanner to work reliably can be one of the most frustrating tasks in Windows.  This is actually more difficult in Windows 10 than ever before (even though Microsoft have tried to simplify the process).  We can sit with you and troubleshoot the printer and (hopefully) get it working again. Please note that we don't actually repair printers (blocked printhead, rollers broken etc.) as often it is cheaper to buy a new one. However, much of the time it is actually a driver problem (unless obvious) so it's always best to check with us first.


laptop repairs bideford

Whether it's getting to grips with Microsoft Office, understanding email or internet browsing, setting up and using a tablet or phone or just about anything else then we can help.

We offer one-to-one tuition that is simple to understand and fully tailored for your specific requirements and level of experience. We also help you make notes and allow you to practice what you have been shown to give you more confidence for the future.





Whatever your requirements - if you are looking for quick, inexpensive and reliable computer repairs or training in the Bideford, Barnstaple or Torrington area then we can help. Simply get in touch and let us take care of the rest......