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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Special Information


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*** Last Updated on 2nd November 2020 - Updated to cover "November Lockdown" ***

Below are the special measures I have put in place for all computer repair and training services. This is designed to keep you, my other customers and myself (and my family) as safe as possible during these difficult times. 

I am working in accordance with the new government guidelines here: Government Covid-19 - 5th November Changes which advise that I am allowed to carry on my services both from my home (my workshop) and also in your own home (Home Visits). You can drop your computer off to me in the workshop and I can visit you in your home as long as you deem the use of your broken computer equipment as "essential". This might be because you are working from home or you may rely on your computer for important health and safety information. It might also be for web based appointments (including communicating with family members or medical and care staff or to continue your education online etc.). You may also need your computer to order food and other essential items online.  Your wellbeing may also be affected unduly if you are further isolated due to not having your computer equipment available and working.  In my opinion, all of these scenarios would be deemed valid reasons and would consititute an essential need. You would need to be satisfied of this fact and be able to justify your actions to any authority before trying to book an appointment for a repair.


Don't worry -  I'm still the same friendly face that you "know and love" even though I might be wearing a mask and my face may be hidden :-)


Applicable to all work types detailed below

If you, any member of your household or anyone in your "support bubble" have tested positive for Covid-19 or have any of the classic symptoms mentioned in the following government link: then I am not able to have you drop your computer off to me, visit you in your home or be able to offer a collection or return service. This will be until you and all members of your household are free of symptoms for at least 14 days following anyone in your household or "support bubble" having a positive test result or symptoms of Covid-19. Additionally you should follow any new guidance at:


Customer Drop-off / Pickup

Please only visit by prior appointment at your allocated time and make sure you are wearing a mask during handover. This will ensure you don't come into contact with other customers and make sure that our limited contact (if needed) is as safe as possible.

During the new lockdown period (from November 5th), it is your own responsibility to confirm that your computer is essential for your daily life. You may be asked to confirm this if you are stopped by an official en-route.

Callers without a booked drop-off or collection appointment are not allowed under any circumstances and will be turned away.

I operate a "contactless" handover procedure when you drop-off your computer – more details will be provided when you call to book your drop-off appointment.

Please take the time to carefully (and as fully as possible) sanitise all equipment using appropriate wipes prior to setting out on your visit. Please take care not to damage delicate electrical or electronic items during this cleaning. Please call for advice if unsure. Where it is clear that no effort has been made to sanitise your equipment you will incur an additional sanitising charge depending on level of dirt and grime present. Please leave only essential items and take back all bags and covers.


Home Visits

Home visits are (during the November 5th lockdown period) strictly limited to urgent cases where a workshop drop-off is not possible. While I am allowed to conduct a home visit I wish to remain as safe as possible (for the health of myself and my own family) so I will judge each situation on its own merits and decide on a case-by-case basis.

Visits for "Tuition Sessions" are not possible as these are not deemed essential and are not safe or practical to conduct due to the 2 metre rule.

Visits for "Purchasing Advice Sessions" are possible but only if you have no other means of internet communication that you can currently use (for activities such as ordering food and other essentials and for essential internet based communications).

If I do visit then I will be wearing a mask and protective gloves during the visit in line with current advice and best practice. You must also wear a face covering/mask when in the "work area" or moving to/from this area. I will not enter your house if you will not or cannot wear a mask and will terminate the appointment and leave immediately (and charge you for my visit) if you keep taking your mask off after I have cautioned against doing so.

All other people in your house must stay in a completely separate part of the building (i.e. behind a closed door/partition). We must keep a full 2 metre distance (even while wearing a mask/covering) at all times. Please ensure the work area is well ventilated and if this is not possible then you should move the computer to an area where a high level of ventilation is possible prior to the visit. I appreciate that its getting colder but this does help minimise any possible transmission. Pets should be kept away from the work area and prevented from entering it during my visit.

If you are normally exempt from wearing a face covering/mask and cannot wear one during my visit then, for my own protection, I am unable to offer you a home visit at this time. The alternatives (a collection/return or a drop-off to the workshop) are of course still possible.

Collection and Return

If you would like me to collect and return your computer then please note that I will not be able to enter your home. It is important that you have your computer disassembled and left in a safe place outside the main home or inside by the front door prior to my arrival. A collection is scheduled for a maximum of 5 minutes and any waiting time over will be chargeable over and above the collection/return rate we have agreed in advance.

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