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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Risk Assessment

July 2021 Onwards

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*** Last Updated on 19th July 2021 ***

Below are the special measures in place for all computer repair visits where I enter your home. This is to keep both my family and my customers as safe as I possibly can and will be in force for the foreseeable future. 

My aim (as always) is to keep helping everyone with their broken computers and other IT related issues as much as I possibly can. At the same time I always try to give the very best customer service while trying to keep the majority happy. I also need to feel safe doing home visits so.......  please continue to be understanding and supportive in these challenging times :-)



If you or any member of your household have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been asked/advised to self-isolate (either by a healthcare professional or by test and trace or the Covid-19 app) or have any of the classic symptoms mentioned in the following government link: then you MUST tell me as I am not able to have you drop your computer off to me, visit you in your home or be able to offer a collection or return service. This will be until the recommended PCR test has been taken, your isolation period is complete and you have tested clear with a follow-up test (if required).


I continue to follow the government recommendations for minimising the spread of Covid-19 here: - Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) . This includes the carrying out of a risk assessment for both my "staff" (which is essentially me) and my customers.

My risk assessment for 19th July 2021 has concluded that when I visit my customers in their home it is a simple fact that there will be a lot of sitting together for at least 1 hour at a time. This close contact increases the risk of Covid-19 transmission and can be reduced to an acceptable risk level by the wearing of a close fitting face covering by all occupants of the house (including myself) for the duration of my visit. This includes people who are usually exempt from wearing a face covering.

I appreciate that this is a cautious approach and will not suit everyone but I have to also consider my own personal preference on this matter and also the additional risks I am willing to take for myself and my family.


Why This Cautious Approach?

Many of my customers fall into the “vulnerable”, “extremely vulnerable” or "at increased risk" categories due to their age or medical conditions and should they contract Covid-19 the consequences could be very serious for them. I am not willing to add to their risks (or indeed my own personal risks) of catching Covid-19 by entering this type of enclosed work space without the wearing of face masks at this present time. From my perspective, your home is "my workplace" for the duration of my visit.

Please consider that this type of home visit is very different to getting your boiler serviced or getting a carpet fitted as you don't need to be in the same room in such close proximity for these other types of trade visits to your home and (usually) for such an extended period of time (even if you assure me that it will not be necessary). Experience over the last few years has clearly shown this to be the case.

As a self-employed sole trader I also have to be aware that every day off work is a day of lost income - anything sensible I can do to minimise the chances of that happening are a no-brainer for me. My personal sense of responsibility means that if I am unlucky enough to catch Covid-19 I will be self isolating. I am currently testing myself twice weekly with a lateral flow test. 


What Does This Mean For My "Home Visit"?

If you are unable or unwilling to wear a face covering then I am not willing to offer you a home visit at present. I am still very happy and willing to repair your computer with a “workshop drop-off” and I will still be happy to arrange a collection and return (from/to the front doorstep) if you are unable to get your computer up to me and you don't live too far away.

Many repairs can be done with a "workshop repair" as opposed to a home visit so I would ask that you consider this route before asking for a home visit. I would prefer to reserve home visits for those cases where it would be impossible to fix the issues without.

I am not currently offering home visits to customers who are staying in any "visitor accommodation" or other higher risk environments (such as the public parts of restaurants / inside public houses / shops, entertainment venues, etc.). If you are a visitor to the area or live/work in one of the above-mentioned premises then I am happy to offer a workshop repair with a follow-up remote session (if needed).   


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