Tarka Computer Care is a well established local business run by Paul Smith.

From my base in Northam I provide computer servicing, troubleshooting, repair and tuition for home users in Northam, Bideford, Westward Ho!, Appledore and Instow.

I also offer an extended service area covering parts of Barnstaple, Torrington, Woolsery and Hartland + most places in-between (for a small additional call-out charge).

Available 5 days per week - Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm  -  Why not call and let me see if I can help?



Put simply - I offer......................

Reliable Computer Repairs Bideford, Northam, Instow, Appledore, Westward Ho!

Over 33 Years Experience

Local PC and Computer Shop Bideford Westward Ho Northam

Based in Northam

Quality Local PC and Computer Repairs

Free Estimates

Quality Local PC and Computer Service for Bideford

Competitive Prices

Tuition and training

Microsoft Certified Professional

virus removal bideford appledore instow

No Hefty Call-out Charges if Local

I go out of my way to give the best quality service at a very reasonable price. Don't worry - unlike some services, I am friendly and approachable and always try to go the extra mile to keep my customers happy. Please see the testimonials page to read some of the comments left by customers.


Below are some examples of the type of things I can help with - why not call to discuss your specific requirements as this is not a complete list.


Repairs &Troubleshooting

Computer repairs north devon

I can fix most Windows Computer hardware faults (and software issues) and give you back a computer that performs at its best. I specialise in most aspects of repair (e.g. slow running, overheating, blank or cracked laptop screens, problem drivers, etc.).

I look at the computer and its performance as a whole to advise on repairs, tweaks and upgrades to prolong its life and make it perform just like a more modern machine.

Tuition & Guidance

tuition and training bideford

Whether it's getting to grips with Microsoft Office, overcoming difficulties with email or internet browsing, setting up and using a tablet or phone, printing and scanning woes (or just about anything else) then I can help.

I  offer one-to-one tuition that is simple to understand and fully tailored for your specific requirements and level of experience. I am patient and clear and draw on years of training experience in big industry as well as home computer situations.

Scammer Recovery

anti-scammer help

If you have (or think you have) been recently targetted by a scammer I can come and sit with you and check your computer over thoroughly. I will then take the time to look at all of your online accounts / passwords and help you change passwords, beef up your security and help you make sure that it does not happen again. This can be a very scary time and I will offer a calm and reasurring approach to get you fighting fit again (and avoid similar issues in the future).

 Hardware Upgrades

PC Repairs Bideford

I have a lot of experience helping customers upgrade older Windows hardware. Be it a memory (ram) upgrade, Solid State Drive upgrade or an operating system update/upgrade/migration, there is not much I have not done or seen.

Often, a low cost upgrade can speed up your machine and give years more life to your investment.

Tune-up & Spring Clean

Let us help you with Windows 11

Over time all computers start to slow down. Bloatware, spyware, corruped system files , corrupt registry entries, 3rd party browser toolbars and extensions can get on the machine unintentionally and contribute to this. I can perform a comprehensive tune-up & clean-up to remove the junk software and optimise your system. I can will also apply all of the latest updates to Windows and other critical system components.


Wifi & Broadband

PC repairs North Devon

If you are having problems with your wired network, wireless (WiFi) or broadband speeds then I can help diagnose, set-up and tweak your home network.

I can also conduct a home WiFi survey and possibly help extend your network and wireless coverage for those hard to reach areas without the need to install expensive and ugly cables.


Backup & Restore

Laptop screen repair

I have a lot of experience in computer backup and recovery and can help you setup a simple backup to protect your precious files (using free software) or a more advanced solution with automatic versioning and system images.

If you would like to store your backups or files offsite (in the cloud) I can set you up a new account or help troubleshoot an existing one.


Tablets & Phones

laptop screen replacement north devon

Setting up Android or Apple phone / tablet to work with email, music or other apps like banking can be a bit of a mission if you are not experienced with the whole process.  I am always happy to assist and also give you some tuition on how to get the most from your tablet or phone.

Please note that I do not repair the hardware on phones or tablets (screens, power jacks, etc.).


Data Transfer

laptop screen replacement north devon

Got a shiny new Windows laptop or desktop?


Never fear - I can help move all of your cherished photo's and important documents over to your new machine with the minimum fuss.  At the same time I can help you sort out your folder structures to make them cleaner and tidier if you desire.


Data Recovery

Laptop screen repair

I  can often recover corrupted or deleted data from a spinning hard drive or memory stick (pictures, documents, email).

If you have lost data it is essential not to install any other software or in any way use the computer or external drive/memory stick. In this way you maximise the chances of data recovery. Stop using it now and call for assistance.


Printers & Peripherals

printer setup bideford

Getting your printer/scanner or other peripheral to work reliably can be one of the most frustrating tasks in Windows. I can sit with you and troubleshoot the issue and (hopefully) get it working again. I don't actually repair printer hardware (blocked printheads, rollers broken etc.) as often it is cheaper to buy a new one.

Malware Removal

bideford computer virus removal

A virus or malware infection can be tricky to remove for the average user so if you think you have been infected then it's best to stop using your machine, turn it off and give me a call.

If you have annoying pop-up's on your system or alerts telling you that you need to purchase removal products etc. then this can also be fixed - this is a sign of  "Potentailly Unwanted Programs / Modifications" which are a type of malware.


Whatever your requirements - if you are looking for quick and reliable computer repairs or tuition in the Bideford area then I can help. Simply get in touch and let's discuss how I can be of assistance.



Whilst I carry out most types of computer repair and maintenance, there are a few things that I am not able to cover. I focus my efforts on Microsoft Windows computers and the configuration and troubleshooting of Android/Apple tablets and phones. I don't repair phone or tablet charging ports, broken screens or replace their internals (like batteries).

I generally don't work on Apple Mac hardware (but can occasionally help, where it is mainly a case of tuition on using the basic features).

I don't repair (or have experience of) gaming consoles (e.g. XBox, PlayStation) and lastly, I cannot help with performance/stability/graphics issues on high end style of equipment such as gaming rigs (as I don't carry appropriate spare parts to troubleshoot).