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No-fix No-fee Policy on Workshop Jobs - Details


"No-fix No-fee" is designed to give you peace of mind that if I do not have the "technical knowlege or expertise" to repair your computer then I will not charge you. If I do have the  "technical knowlege / expertise" to effect a repair then a small diagnostic fee of £15 will be levied if you don't wish to go ahead.  In other words - If a computer is "technically repairable" but you decide not to go ahead for whatever reason (e.g. you feel a new computer would be more cost effective or the cost of replacement parts are prohibitive) then the diagnostic / examination fee will apply. 


Data recovery attempts (following a hard drive or media failure) are not covered by "no-fix no-fee" and the full time spent attempting to recover the data will have to be bourne by the customer (subject to an agreed time limit if one is requested). Data Recovery is strictly on a "best efforts" basis.


"No-fix-No-fee" will not apply if I advise you (in advance of dropping your computer off) that your repair will not be covered by this offer. This will sometimes be necessary where I feel that the prospect of a successful repair is very limited (based on your description of the fault) or is almost certain to be uneconomical (due to the cost of parts) but you still wish to have an expert take the time and effort to examine the computer.


I reserve the right to re-inspect the computer if there is an ongoing issue following a repair. I will attempt to put things right wherever possible but if you don't want me to do this then "No-fix No-fee" will not apply. You will need to drop the computer back to me for this to take place and no-one else should have tried to repair the computer in the meantime as they could have created additional problems of their own.


Occasionally (following or during a repair) a more complex or additional issue / fault comes to light than that originally discussed / diagnosed and worked on. In this case you will only need to pay the difference between the original repair cost and the extra repair effort / cost. This is because I work (and charge) on a time and effort basis and not a fixed price for a given repair. This policy is in place to keep costs as low as possible for 99% of repairs.


If, following a malware / virus removal repair, should anyone re-infect your computer (e.g. by visiting a malicious website, installing a program / application that has a virus or malware or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or PUM (Potentially Unwanted Modification), opening an unsafe email attachment, etc.) then "No-fix No-fee" will not apply for a new clean-up / disinfection  - even if it is only a very short while after getting your computer back and even if you are using an antivirus that we have suggested and installed.


A minimum 1 hour fee for home/on-site visits will always apply as a significant amount of additional time is spent travelling and on fuel/car expenses. Collection and Return fees are also excluded from "No-fix No-fee". 


If I have to order parts in to be able to test and diagnose a more complex fault or a fault where only replacement parts can potentially resolve a hardware fault then you will still need to pay for these (if they are not readily reusable or returnable). We will always check with you first before ordering expensive items and always try to reuse or return them if we can.


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