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*** Covid-19 Update - Please see below information on my prices and some important information about Covid-19 and what I am doing to keep myself and all my customers as safe as possible. The Covid-19 information is in orange below.  Please don't be put off by this - I'm still the same friendly face that you "know and love" even though I might be wearing a mask and my face may be hidden :-)


Price List

Customer Drop-off / Pickup

£27.50 per hour calculated to the nearest minute. There is a £15 minimum charge that covers part of the repair and/or the initial "on the bench" diagnostic and examination for each complete "system" presented for repair.

Ample free parking and complementary unloading and loading assistance. When you call I will give you an estimate of the overall cost of similar repairs based on your description of the problem. All of my repairs are "Fast-Track" which means I will work on them as quickly as possible (without charging premiums for this type of service).

Once I have the computer in the workshop, should my detailed examination indicate that a repair is not possible, not economical or is going to be more involved than anticipated then I will call you to discuss the options. At this stage you can choose to simply collect your computer and pay the £15 diagnostic fee (regardless of time spent) should you prefer not to proceed. Please note that If you bring multiple laptops or computers in for unconnected issues/repairs then they are essentially seperate jobs and there will be a diagnostic fee for each machine (as the total amount of diagnostic time is obviously significantly longer). 

*** Covid-19 Special Requirements:   

Please only visit by prior arrangement at your allotted time. Callers without an appointment will not be received.

If you or any member of your household are infected with Covid-19 (or showing the classic symptoms or you suspect you may have Covid-19) or if you have been advised to isolate due to being in close proximity to a person having covid-19 (or symptoms) then I am not able to allow you to drop-off your computer.

Please be sure to thoroughly sanitise your computer and associated equipment prior to drop-off. 

When dropping the equipment off please remove all bags, laptop cases and packaging and take these back home with you. This is because I need to clean (again) everything that is dropped off and I don't want to be using precious sanitiser for bags and packages. If it is raining then a diposable plastic bag is fine but this will be disposed of immediately the machine is inside the workshop.

Any further drop-off instructions will be discussed when you call. 


Home Visits

£36.00 for up to 1 hour (1 hour minimum) - then £27.50 per hour (calculated to the nearest minute).

*** Covid-19 Special Requirements:  Updated 23rd June 2020

I am now able to offer home visits for repairs and limited tuition. Home visits should only be requested where a customer drop-off (or a combination of customer dropoff and follow-up remote support session to wrap-up any loose ends) would be too difficult or not give the desired outcome. Examples of this are: Broadband, Hub/Router issues, Wireless connectivity issues, Printer troubleshooting issues etc.

Wherever possible a drop-off to the workshop is preferable from a safety point of view.  I do appreciate this may not be your preferred option (as it is a little less convenient) but it is better in terms of protection of your family/household and also my family/household. This will minimise the risks as much as possible per Government advice (and following my own risk assessment). 

First and Foremost - If you or any member of your household are infected with Covid-19 (or showing the classic symptoms or you suspect you may have Covid-19) or if you have been advised to isolate due to being in close proximity to a person having covid-19 (or symptoms) then I am not able to visit. I have my own family to protect as well as a number of extremely vulnerable customers so cannot take the risk in these circumstances. If you do have symptoms or any member of your household has had any symptoms in the last 14 days please do not ask for this service.

Home based tuition and training is partly possible but you will be asked to keep 2 meters distance. This is due to the amount of time I spend in your house and is fully in-line with the new 2m / 1m-plus advice from HM Government.  You will need to be happy that you can see your computer screen from 2 metres for tuition/training to be feasible and safe.

When I do visit you in your home I will ask that a 2 metre distance is kept except in the case of an emergency (and please note that not being able to see your screen from 2 metres is not an emergency). To protect each other and minimise any risks I will be wearing a mask and gloves. I will also require that you and all members of the household (in the same area of the house at the time of my visit) wear a mask too (in addition to keeping the required minimum distances above). I can supply masks to you at cost price if you don't have suitable ones of your own.   Please note that I am not able to visit if you have other households visiting you at the same time (or immediately before my visit). I will also ask that the house is kept well ventialted at all times (even if it is cold outside).

Collection and Return

I am happy to offer a collection and return service for those customers who have no other alternative (such as a friend or neighbour who can drop their computer off to the workshop).  

Collection and return requires two return journeys to your home which takes considerable time and resources. For this reason there is an additional charge made for this service (as I do need to cover my vehicle costs and my time spent driving). The amount will be need to be agreed in advance.  It would be better to drop the machine off to me if at all possible.

*** Covid-19 Special Requirements:   

If you would like me to collect and return your computer then please note that I am unable to enter your home. Your computer will need to be disassembled and left in a safe place for me to collect - maintaining social distancing measures at all times.  If in doubt about reconnecting your computer when it is returned then please take a photo or make a sketch of the cables or put labels on them so you can get it all connected again.

If you or any member of your household are infected with Covid-19 (or showing the classic symptoms or you suspect you may have Covid-19) or if you have been advised to isolate due to being in close proximity to a person having covid-19 (or symptoms) then I am not able to visit.


Remote Support Sessions

£15 for up to the first 30 minutes of remote support then £0.50p per minute or part thereof - Advance payment of £30 required.  There is a £15 minimum charge that covers up to the first 30 minutes of telephone/remote support.

Remote support sessions are available however experience has shown that these are not the best way of troubleshooting and repairing computers - it takes a lot longer via remote support and it's not possible to do some important things remotely. It can also be very frustrating for you as it does require some experience on your side to download and launch the software required and also follow what is going on. Ultimately it may turn out to be more expensive due to this. Often, I will not be able to pick up on other issues and will not be able to do a general cleanup or malware/virus removal exercise due to the amount of scanning time required for the multiple scanners I use for this type of work.  I also cannot perform operating system or file system repairs as, again, these require hours of runtime (in many cases). I also often need to remove of the hard drive to back-up the windows system system prior to this type of work (as it does carry some risk of data loss without). I can only do all of these things on a workshop job where the computer is dropped off to me. Having said all of that, if a remote support session helps then I'm happy to do them :-)   What does work extremely well is a workshop repair / cleanup / virus removal followed by a quick remote support session to wrap up any outstanding issues such as helping you to install and configure your printer.

For a standalone remote support session I ask that all new customers make a payment of £30 in advance of the support session - This should be by bank transfer wherever possible. This covers up to 1 hour of remote support.  Please call me to ask for the appropriate bank details for the bank transfer. After finishing the remote support session, any credit left over from your advance payment will be added as a credit to your account to be used against future remote support sessions (or workshop repairs or home visits etc.).

A remote session requires that you have a working internet connection as a minimum and a working web browser if you don't already have one of my remote support clients on your desktop. When you call I will assess the issues you are having and offer remote support only if I think it will help and be economical for you.


Comparing Quotes / Estimates / Hourly Rates

It's always good practice to compare prices for all sorts of things we purchase so I have tried to explain how computer repair pricing works below.


Generally it is very difficult to determine the overall repair price you will pay based solely on the hourly rate or the "flat rate" quoted. The overall cost depends on the skill level, honesty and speed of the computer engineer (and of course the complexity of the problem) and the cost of the parts they supply.


Some less than scrupulous repair companies advertise an artificially low hourly rate or offer enticing discounts for various groups. This is designed to hook you in and these people often take much longer to do the work when on-site with you (and if done in the workshop sometimes not even starting the work for a week or more). Some also charge excessively for the parts they supply as part of the repair. Some charge a special premium for "Fast Track" repairs. The overall cost is nearly always significantly higher in these cases (and the quality of the work often lower).


The best advice is to get personal recommendations and then still check out reviews from real customers on both Google and Facebook. This will reliably help you make the best choice as Google and Facebook are amongst the best review systems out there (as the reviews are not easily faked). If a company or person has a lot of bad reviews (or if you simply can't find a good number of positive reviews of their services - say over 30 reviews) then this should be raising alarm bells with you.


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