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*** covid-19 update - I have a separate page detailing the extra safety precautions and requirements due to the current covid-19 (coronavirus) situation.  Please click here >> Covid 19 Info << to see them.  They are very important and should be read in conjunction with prices below.

Price List

Customer Drop-off / Pickup

£27.50 per hour calculated to the nearest minute. £15 minimum charge. The minimum charge covers a basic "on the bench" diagnostic (where required) / part of the overall repair cost.

When you call I will give you an estimate of the overall cost of similar repairs based on your description of the problem and this will be agreed in advance. All of my repairs are treated equally and on a "first-come - first-served" basis (which means I will work on them in the order received and as quickly as possible) and all my jobs are treated as "fast-track" at the outset.

Once I have the computer on the bench (and if we have not agreed an approximate cost in advance), should my initial diagnostic examination indicate that a repair is not possible, not economical or is going to be more involved than already discussed and anticipated then I will call you to discuss the options before proceeding any further. At this stage you can choose to simply collect your computer and pay the small diagnostic fee or we can look at other options including possible data recovery.

Note that the initial diagnostic fee may be more than £15 where a computer needs complex or major disassembly (e.g. major dissasembly of a laptop or all-in-one).  The same applies if your machine requires a more advanced level of diagnostics than a regular home computer - e.g. if you have a self-build (or self-upgraded) machine or a gaming laptop/desktop or other "high-end" style of machine that may be suffering driver / hardware issues relating to things like overclocking, GPU crashing, power supply issues, memory stability, overheating issues, gaming sound card issues, hard drive stability issues and similar.
Please note that If you bring multiple systems in at the same time then these are treated as separate jobs and there will be a diagnostic fee for each machine.

Home Visits (for Repairs / Tuition / Troubleshooting and Purchasing Advice)

£35.00 per hour (1 hour / £35 minimum then calculated to the nearest minute)

There are no additional call-out fees within a 20 mile round trip. If you are over a 20 mile round trip I do charge a small additional amount to cover the extra travel time. This will be agreed in advance of booking an appointment.

Collection and Return

I am happy to offer a collection and return service for those customers who cannot get their equipment to me.  

Collection and return means two return journeys to your home which takes considerable time and resources so there is an additional charge made to cover my vehicle costs and my time spent travelling. The amount will be advised and agreed in advance.  It would be better to drop the machine off to me if at all possible - especially if you are some distance from Northam as the collection and return charges may be prohibitive.

Remote Support Sessions (Existing Customers Only)

50p/minute with a 1 hour (£30) advance payment prior to commencement. Each session is a minimum of £15 (i.e. up to 30 minutes)

Credit Card payment not possible for remote support sessions.

Remote support sessions are not the best way to fix a computer but can be useful in some circumstances. I only offer this service to existing customers and then only immediately following a repair in the workshop or a home visit. A workshop repair or a home visit is nearly always more effective, quicker and cheaper in the long run as many actions require long scans and several reboots. They also require a good broadband internet speed. Setting up time counts as part of the remote support session as does any remote diagnostic investigation. Any remaining balance can either be used against a future remote support session (minimum £15) or against a future workshop repair, home visit or collection/return.

Comparing Quotes / Estimates / Hourly Rates

It's always good practice to compare prices for all sorts of things we purchase so I have tried to explain how computer repair pricing works below.

Generally it is very difficult to determine the overall repair price you will pay based solely on the hourly rate or the "flat rate" quoted. The overall cost depends on the skill level, honesty and speed of the computer engineer (and of course the complexity of the problem).

Some less than scrupulous repair companies advertise an artificially low hourly rate or offer enticing discounts for various groups. This is designed to hook you in but then take much longer to do the work so the overall job cost is nearly always more. My pricing is fair, honest and totally transparent. My overall repair price is nearly always more competitive and the quality of my work (and any aftercare) is often much better. Most of my customers are return customers and that says a lot!

The best advice is to check out reviews from real customers on both Google and Facebook. This will reliably help you make the best choice. You may wish to be very wary of other review sites as some of them are easy to pay for fake reviews. If a company or person does not have a good number of positive reviews on Google or Facebook (e.g. over 30 reviews in total) then this should be raising alarm bells with you.


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